HR Gives Back: ReelAbilities
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HR Houston is proud to continue our partnership with ReelAbilities: Houston Film Festival. The goal -- to change perception, reduce stigmas, and remove barriers for those living with disabilities - creating long-lasting impact in our community.

Hosted by the Alexander Institute for Inclusion in collaboration with Houston's Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities, ReelAbilities is a city-wide film and arts festival dedicated to promoting inclusion and celebrating the lives, artwork, and stories of people with disabilities. This year's festival takes place from Sunday, February 19th through Thursday, February 23rd. 


CLICK HERE for a Brochure.  For a Schedule of Events or to reserve your Free Tickets, CLICK HERE

How You Can Participate in The ReelWorkplace Program

Show the ReelAbilities films at your company.
  To expand impact of their message, the festival introduced a new free ReelWorkplace program. Short films can be delivered to the workplace—where they can be screened for employees on lunch or coffee breaks in your lunch room or conference room.  These inspirational films are intended to promote diversity and inclusion.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Disability Etiquette Workshops. During the film festival (as well as all-year long), the Alexander Institute for Inclusion also hosts disability etiquette workshops for businesses. These workshops help employees become more comfortable interacting with customers, the public and employees with disabilities.

For more information, CLICK HERE.






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