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Helping Organizations Create a Culture of HEROES at Every Level

Wednesday, May 13, 2020
11:15 am


Kevin Brown’s unconventional path to business and personal success has taught him that winning in business and in life requires anything but conventional thinking.

He grew up in Muskegon, Michigan where his blue collar roots taught him the value of hard work and determination. His resume includes an eclectic mix of career stops that ultimately led him to the purchase of a franchise at the age of seventeen.

With a street-wise aptitude and a never quit attitude, he worked his way from the front lines in business to the executive boardroom. For nearly two decades Kevin was a sales and marketing executive that helped grow a little known family business into an industry giant with annual revenues reaching two billion dollars.

After a career in franchising that spanned 30 years, Kevin decided to retire from corporate America and pursue his passion for bringing The HERO Effect® message to as many people and organizations as possible.

Kevin is on a mission to help people and organizations embrace a simple philosophy that separates world class organizations and high performance people from everybody else. He is passionate about helping people expand their vision, develop their potential and grow their results. And, as the father of an autistic child he knows firsthand how the principles of true success reach beyond the boardroom and into the lives of real people facing the challenges of everyday life.

As a highly sought after keynote speaker, Kevin has had the privilege of speaking to a wide variety of organizations including Siemens, State Farm, Country Financial, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Northwestern Mutual, Delta Airlines, Trans America and Allianz to name just a few.

Kevin entertains, inspires and challenges people to show up every day and make a positive difference at work and in life!



Activist & Survivor

Thursday May 14, 2020
11:00 am


Alice Marie Johnson, a woman whose life sentence for non-violent drug trafficking was commuted by President Donald Trump thanks to the efforts of Kim Kardashian West, in 2018.

Alice Marie is an inspiration of faith, hope, mercy, and gratitude.

How does on cling to hope after more than twenty years of imprisonment? For years, Alice lived a normal life without a criminal record—she was a manager at FedEx, a wife, and a mother. But after an emotionally and financially tumultuous period in her life left her with few options, she turned to crime as a way to pay off her mounting debts. Convicted in 1996 for her nonviolent involvement in a Memphis cocaine trafficking organization, Alice received a life sentence under the mandatory sentencing laws of the time. She served 22 years for her first and only conviction ever.

In this honest, faith-driven memoir, After Life: My Journey from Incarceration to Freedom, Alice explains how she held on to hope and gave it to others, from becoming a playwright to mentoring her fellow prisoners. She reveals how her unshakable faith helped her persevere and inspired her to share her faith in a video that would go viral—and come to the attention of celebrities who were moved to action. Today, Alice is an icon for the prison reform movement and a humble servant who embraces gratitude and her deep faith for her freedom. In her powerful book, she recalls all of the firsts she has experienced through her activism and provides an authentic portrait of the crisis that is mass incarceration. Linking social justice to spiritual faith, she makes a persuasive and poignant argument for justice that transcends tribal politics. Her story is a beacon in the darkness of despair, reminding us of the power of redemption and the importance of making second chances count.

Alice Marie is a gifted storyteller specializing in topics such as: the power of perseverance, turning challenges into opportunities, and having a faith or community-based support system in-place when one is going through a life's challenges. When Alice Marie is not speaking to various groups and the media, she believes in putting people first and the power of change and second chances.

Alice Marie is passionate about reintegrating offenders and having employment opportunities where the pool of talent included ex-offenders. Alice Marie Johnson serves as a beacon of hope for other women inside the prison. Now, she can also stand for that on the outside.