About HR Houston: Past Presidents
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Past Presidents

Since HR Houston's founding in 1943 (then known as the Industrial Personnel Association of Houston (IPA), the organization has been served by capable and dedicated leaders. Beginning with L. C. English in 1943, who, along with 12 other business professionals, established the foundation by which HR Houston has become known for: a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of human resource management.


Sixty-eight presidents have competently served HR Houston since L.C. English's time, every one of whom was asked to serve by the Association's board. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your service.

HR Houston has developed since its inception under the leadership of the following presidents:

(2014-2016)   Mitch Beckman, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

(2012-2014)   Tracy Frazier, SPHR

(2011-2012)   John Greer, SPHR, HRIP
(2010-2011)   Kim Garcia, SPHR
(2009-2010)   Vangie Ziegler, PHR
(2008-2009)   Laurence E. Stuart, Esq.
(2007-2008)   Suzanne Meier, SPHR 
(2005-2007)   Lane Transou, SPHR
(2004-2005)   Thomas M. Anderson, SPHR
(2003-2004)   Frank A. Lawrence, SPHR
(2002-2003)   J. P. "Pete" Kirk, SPHR
(2001-2002)   Peggy d’Hemecourt, SPHR
(2000-2001)   Roger Walter, SPHR
(1999-2000)   Paul D. Gonzales, SPHR
(1998-1999)   Kathleen Fenninger, SPHR
(1997-1998)   John Ryder, SPHR
(1996-1997)   Kathleen Kelley, SPHR
(1995-1996)   Judy Wallace, SPHR
(1994-1995)   Ruth Seiler, SPHR
(1993-1994)   Mary E. Banks, SPHR
(1992-1993)   Michael A. Kahn, SPHR
(1991-1992)   Robert P. Roy, SPHR
(1990-1991)   Lois A. Bush, PHR
(1989-1990)   Jean DieudonnĂ©, SPHR
(1988-1989)   Carolyn Elsea, SPHR
(1987-1988)   Robert Carlquist, SPHR
(1986-1987)   Charles Branch
(1985-1986)   James Wilkerson, SPHR
(1984-1985)   Patrick B. Brady, Jr.
(1983-1984)   Loyd Brooks, CCP
(1982-1983)   Diane Brown, SPHR
(1981-1982)   Paul McBrayer
(1980-1981)   James Mulligan
(1979-1980)   Ted Granhold
(1978-1979)   Roy W. Cox
(1977-1978)   John T. Kopriva

(1976-1977)   Bob D. Davis
(1975-1976)   Joe A. Bowden
(1974-1975)   Tom J. Meinecke, SPHR
(1973-1974)   Russell E. Hankins
(1972-1973)   John D. Boswell
(1971-1972)   James H. Charles
(1970-1971)   Virgil S. Hanson
(1969-1970)   John H. Davis, Jr.
(1968-1969)   Earl F. Evans
(1967-1968)   G. Sandel Harris
(1966-1967)   Frank J. Kelly
(1965-1966)   Thomas E. Luke
(1964-1965)   Thomas B. Burke, SPHR
(1963-1964)   George B. McCullough
(1962-1963)   B. L. Richardson
(1961-1962)   E. D. Dawson
(1960-1961)   Harry A. Dufresne
(1959-1960)   Ed McClesky
(1958-1959)   R. Boyd Nash
(1957-1958)   Jess W. Collins
(1956-1957)   Walton C. Fleming
(1955-1956)   Max E. Stansbury
(1954-1955)   Thad W. Weaver, Jr.
(1953-1954)   Thomas H. Moore
(1952-1953)   Oscar Hillyer, Jr.
(1951-1952)   Harold W. Ward
(1950-1951)   Bascom Lang
(1949-1950)   K. R. Daly
(1948-1949)   J. M. Delmar
(1947-1948)   John W. Sylvester
(1946-1947)   Fred Rosseaux
(1945-1946)   Edwin W. Morris
(1944-1945)   R. N. Dyer
(1943-1944)   L. C. English


P.O. Box 4240
Houston, TX 77210-4240